Making.  Ideas.  Reality.

About PMD

PMD was started as Pattern Mold and Design in 1984, with a focus on making molds and patterns for the thermoform market. In the decades since, Pattern Mold & Design has morphed into today’s PMD. 

PMD offers both prototype and production tooling to the thermoform and vacuum form markets, as well as short to medium run machining to a cross–section of industries.

We bring exacting standards, top-notch machinists, and engineering expertise to every project we work on. This has led to us being a trusted supplier that stands by our clients to meet and exceed their expectations. Allow us to bring peace of mind to your machining project. 

Company History

PMD was founded by Mike and Kathleen Jacobs. At the time, the company had a focus on designing and constructing patterns. Pattern Mold & Design’s specialty was making molds and castings for the vacuum forming industry. Pattern Mold & Design grew and developed over the years and built a reputation for being precise, and executing ideas that others thought impossible.

In 2021, PMD was acquired by Brandon Green and Angela Maurer-Green. They worked with Mike Jacobs for a long period of time to learn what had been accomlished and plan what is ahead. Today, PMD specializes in prototype and production tooling for the thermoform and vacuum forming industries, as well as short to medium run machining projects. We service clients in a variety of industries including industrial, medical, aerospace, defense, and food packaging. 

Mission Statement

To be a long-term, sustainable, trusted partner to our customers, and be a place where great people want to come to work. 


We do it all.

Design, support, in house programming & engineering, production and prototype molds and machining.